Empowering students to produce and screen short documentary films on community issues they care about.

Submit Your Video

An exciting youth festival about civic engagement.

College and high school students are invited to submit 4 to 8 minutes documentary films about a civic issue of their choice. Past challenge winners have explored a wide variety of topics and stories such as:

  • Nuclear power. Is nuclear power safe and economically viable?
  • Depression. What is the prevalence and impact of depression on young people?
  • Education funding cuts. How do budget cut affect students?

Three prizes will be awarded:

  • Best Documentary
  • Best Interview
  • Public Choice Award


Once you have chosen a civic issue of interest to you, you should consider the following:

  • How does our democratic system deal with that issue?
  • What can be done, what is being done, to bring together people with different opinions about that issue?
  • Should government have more or less involvement in your issue?
  • What are the barriers to resolve your issue? Does social media help or hinder the resolving of your issue?
  • How does your issue connect with the Constitution of the United States?

All films must follow the Civic Life Project guidelines. Rather than using digital media as a way to convince others of your own point of view, we are seeking films that explore multiple sides of an issue and that promote empathy and civil dialogue. Learn more about the Civic Life Project by visiting their website and visit our Submission page for a list of guidelines and rules.

The deadline to submit your film is April 30, 2018 at 6:00 PM.


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